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Shad Valley-Lakehead
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Welcome to Shad Valley-Lakehead

Celebrating Excellence

For general information on Shad Valley Program please visit Shad International website. A link is provided on the left pane. This website is intended for prospective/confirmed Lakehead shads for 2007.

Shad Valley program is about self-discovery. It provides many opportunities to discover your other facets in a friendly and accepting environment. It challenges you to do things that you have never before imagined doing. It's foremost an intensive academic program designed to challenge your mind with different concepts and to stretch your imagination to its limits. The core areas of the program are Business, Engineering, Information Technology, and Science. During the month, you will be working on many projects, attending seminars/workshops on varied topics, and listening to lectures from diverse disciplines. You will be participating in many activities designed to bring out your creativity and talent. Your interpersonal skills and your teamwork capabilities will be at the centre-stage. Alongside the intense academic activities, we have regular fitness hours and recreational activities. As our campus is located near the shores of Lake Superior and is surrounded by rich Boreal forest and the Canadian Shield we incorporate many trips into these natural wonders. There are also industrial tours of well-known local companies. At the end of our program, it's a common feeling among Shads that they have never done so many things in such a short period of time before and had as much fun doing it. The program demands your commitment to hard work and excellence.

Lakehead University

Lakehead University is a medium sized comprehensive university with programs in many varied disciplines. The university has a very strong base in the core Shad areas of Business, Engineering, and Science. Preparations are underway to welcome the second batch of sudents for our Norhern Ontario School of Medicine. While maintaining its traditional focus on undergraduate education, the university is moving steadily into graduate Studies and research.

The university has many computer laboratories to meet the demands of students in various disciplines. It has a world-class instrumentation laboratory holding electron microscopes, spectroscopy instruments, and chromatographs; a Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing laboratory; an Ecosystem research laboratory; a Biomechanics laboratory; a Paleo DNA research lab; a Robotics laboratory and many other Engineering and Science laboratories.

Lakehead University, 955 Oliver Road, Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 5E1 Canada, Phone (807) 343-8110 Fax (807) 343-8023
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